31 Dec

Watermeal Description:

Watermeal (botanically known as Wolffia), is a light green plant that is free-floating and although different in appearance, lacking the long stringy root structure and “leafiness,” it is similar in nature and closely related to duckweed. Like duckweed, it is an aggressive invader and can be very damaging to the overall health and appearance of the pond. It can quickly take over the surface of the pond restricting sunlight and oxygen to the plants and animals below and may cause fish kills. Measuring between 0.2 and 1.5 millimeters, about the size of a pinhead, they are the smallest vascular plants in the world. Watermeal reproduces by budding, but is often transported to other water bodies by ducks that consume it and carry it on their wings and feet.

Natural Watermeal Control- Clean-Flo

Watermeal Control in Ponds- Clean-Flo

Watermeal Reduction in Ponds- Clean-Flo

Like duckweed it can be found in areas with high levels of septic, agriculture and fertilizer run off as it metabolizes Nitrogen and Phosphorus and is sometimes used as a very low tech “water filtration system,” in small wastewater lagoons. However, this is extremely inefficient due to the difficulty in controlling and manually removing watermeal once it covers the whole water body. Due to its aggressive reproduction, watermeal should be controlled before it takes over and covers the entire surface of the water body.

Watermeal Identification:

  • Light green with the appearance of floating grass seed.
  • Very granular, feels like sand to the touch.
  • Oval shaped single leaf.
  • Free-floating, and lacks a root system.
  • Size of a pinhead (0.2 – 1.5 mm diameter).
  • Seed bearing plant.
  • Grows in dense colonies and can sometimes be found alongside its cousin duckweed.

How Can CLEAN-FLO Help You In Reducing Watermeal?
Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems along with the products below is the best way to naturally control algae.

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Bio StimulatorBio Stimulator – Bio-Stimulator stimulates and enhances natural microbial populations in situ for increased nutrient and muck reduction.




Winter Warrior Cold Water FormulaWinter Warrior – Specialized cold water microbial formulation to reduce muck and nutrients throughout the winter and in spring fed ponds.