Natural Aquatic Pond Weed Control

02 Jan

As you know, herbicides kill pond weeds. They also ruin water quality as the dead weeds rot and release the fertilizer they have taken up. As they rot, they also consume oxygen, causing a massive release of fertilizer from the bottom organic sediment. Fish kills often occur as a result of the oxygen depletion. Herbicides to kill pond weeds do nothing to remove muck fertilizer, nothing to improve water quality, reduce odors, or improve fish growth or health. The USGS cites herbicides as a “. . . potential concern for human health if they affect a drinking water source or occur where there is recreational use. They are also a potential concern for aquatic life. (Robert Gilliam et al, 1999) There are hundreds of publications on the dangers of using herbicides to kill pond weeds.

With herbicides to kill pond weeds, the fertilizer remains in the water. The pond weeds quickly return unless algae shades the water before the pond weeds are established. Then you have a lake full of algae.

Natural Aquatic Pond Weed Control with the CLEAN-FLO Pond Aerator

Natural aquatic pond weed control with pond aerators results from fertilizer reductions. All submerged aquatic plants must absorb their major food, carbon dioxide from the water column; not through the roots. The CLEAN-FLO Pond Aerator exhausts carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, reducing carbon dioxide to such low levels that the plants starve. Lake aerator natural aquatic lake weed controls permanently kill lake weeds.
To accelerate the lake aerator removal of phosphates, we add combinations of our Lake Cleanser Special or Lake Care, beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Natural lake weed control is based on water quality. We usually remove over 97% of the fertilizer in the water column. The pond aerator and products reduce fertilizer needed for pond weed growth.

Our Proven Success:
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Natural Aquatic Pond Weed Control Products:

CLEAN-FLO Lake Aerator and products are very effective for natural aquatic lake weed control.
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