Natural Algae Control in Lakes, Ponds, and Reservoirs

31 Dec

Blue Green Algae and Duckweed Control

The most important step in controlling blue green algae control in backyard fish ponds, lakes and reservoirs, is to fully oxygenate the bottom through CLEAN-FLO’s unique pond, lake and reservoir aeration. A CLEAN-FLO pond, reservoir or lake aerator can bind up to three times as much phosphorus and nitrogen to the bottom muck as watershed management can accomplish. This results in up to 97 percent or more phosphorus and nitrogen removal. The phosphorus and nitrogen then become food for insects and fish, resulting in improved lake fishing and pond fishing. Because the phosphorus and nitrogen go into food for fish, the aeration system produces reservoir, lake and pond restoration and algae control..

Once you attain full oxygenation of the bottom of your lake, pond or reservoir with an aeration system, the following natural water treatment chemicals and lake management products will give you optimum blue green algae control and duckweed control and help remove planktonic algae control.

CASE STUDY: Eliminating Cyanobacteria – Blue Green Algae – in Reservoirs and Lakes

CASE STUDY: Cyanobacteria Control in a Eutrophic Water Supply

Bring life back to your water body naturally with CLEAN-FLO.

Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems along with the products below is the best way to naturally control algae.

Lake Clear – Lake Clear is a proprietary blend of bacteria specifically formulated for controlling nutrients that filamentous, blue-green and planktonic algae use for food

Clean & ClearTM CONCENTRATED ENZYMES is a special blend of non-toxic vegetable enzymes from nature that acts as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduces available nutrients in the water, thus improving water quality.


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