Hydrilla Verticellata

31 Dec

Hydrilla Verticellata Description:

Hydrilla Verticellata, commonly referred to as Hydrilla is a very invasive submersed freshwater herb. It was originally sold as an aquarium plant. It forms very dense strands growing from the bottom of the water and sprawling across the surface. Although it is an excellent source of food for waterfowl, it can be a serious threat to freshwater habitats and a nuisance to boaters.

Hydrilla reproduces by fragmentation. It does not form any seeds. Hydrilla produces large strands of plants in just a few months through its efficient use of low light levels and available nutrients. Even small pieces stuck on boat propellers or in bait pails contribute to the easy spread of Hydrilla to other waterways.

Hydrilla Verticellata

Hydrilla Verticellata Identification:

  • Green, freshwater herb
  • Submersed plant with long slender stems
  • 2 to 8 small, spear-like leaves per whorl spread across the water
  • The leaf has a sawtooth edge and small spines on the underside that are rough to the touch
  • Grows in as little as a few inches of water or in more than 30 feet of water