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Filamentous Algae Description:

Filamentous algae is commonly referred to as pond scum. Because there are many varieties of this algae, more than one type will grow together in the same pond. Filamentous algae grow on the bottom in shallow waters or will attach to rocks and aquatic plants. Since it begins on the bottom of the water body, many people do not realize that they have a problem until it floats up to the surface, making it more difficult to control. This single cell algae can form long, visible thread-like strands (up to 30 cm) or shorter hair type strands (about 5 cm). They intertwine and form large mats that will float on the water surface.

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The use of high nitrogen fertilizer in low alkalinity water is often the cause of large amounts of filamentous algae in farm ponds. At the beginning of the season, clumps of this algae form on the water surface and may eventually cover the entire surface of the water. The algae can be easily picked up in handfuls because they readily adhere together. The fact that this algae readily adheres together makes it very damaging to machinery, pumps, boat motors and irrigation equipment. CLEAN-FLO is regularly called upon to get filamentous algae under control. Using our expertise to get to the root of the problem (excess nutrients), we will reduce problems with irrigation pumps and fountains, while improving the entire water body.

Reducing Filamentous Algae on Water-Clean-Flo

Filamentous Identification:

  • Bright to dark green, Carpet-like mat appearance.
  • Shorter hair-type strands.
  • Long, thread-like strands.
  • Strong, foul, “decaying,” odor.

How Can CLEAN-FLO Help You In Reducing Filamentous Algae?
Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems along with the products below is the best way to naturally reduce filamentous algae.

Lake Clear+ – Lake Clear+ is a specially formulated bacteria to reduce the nutrient levels that filamentous algae thrives in.

Bio Booster – Bio Booster is designed to increase diatom populations and reduce nutrients needed by algae.

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