Solutions for Cyanobacteria Bloom, Filamentous Algae and Duckweed and Watermeal Removal

30 Dec

Lake Cleanser Special was developed by CLEAN-FLO and has been found to be particularly effective in limiting phosphorus that is food for BLUE-GREEN algae (foul smelling green scum on the surface of lakes and ponds), FILAMENTOUS algae (looks like green hair or moss and usually grows on weeds or rocks), DUCKWEED (looks like tiny three-leaf clover on the surface), and WATERMEAL (looks like green corn meal on the surface of lakes and ponds).

To accelerate the removal of phosphates, limit plant and algal growth, and improve water quality, CLEAN-FLO developed this buffered alum water treatment chemical compound. This compound precipitates phosphate in the water column to the bottom, without lowering the pH of the water to dangerous levels, as is common with alum. Lake Cleanser Special applications typically remove over 97% of the phosphate in lakes and ponds. Lake Cleanser Special does not affect weeds and algae in any way. It simply binds phosphorus so plants cannot absorb it.

Tests by Lowell Trent, Aquatic Biologist with the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, on Lake Cleanser Special showed 95-100% control of aquatic weeds and algae. Tests supervised by The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tested the use of both CLEAN-FLO natural inversion and the Lake Cleanser Special. These tests showed up to 100% reduction of submerged weeds and filamentous algae.

Lake Cleanser Special is a buffered alum compound specially formulated to precipitate phosphorus in lakes, ponds and water reservoirs with water retention times greater than 60 days, without lowering the pH of the water more than 0.1 – 0.2 pH units.

Lake Cleanser Special can be used to settle suspended clay and suspended solids in water. It is harmless to humans, pets, fish and wildlife, and the environment when used as directed.

Use two 50 LB pails of Lake Cleanser Special per acre-foot of water. Works best in combination with CLEAN-FLO Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion/Oxygenation Systems per CLEAN-FLO design. Lake Cleanser Special is sold in 50 lb. plastic pails.

For small ponds, the powder can be spread over the surface of the water using a scoop. For larger water bodies, the powder should be mixed with water to make a slurry and run uniformly over the water surface as the water craft is propelled through the water.

FOR REMOVING CLAY AND SUSPENDED SOLIDS: Use 8 pails per acre-foot of water.



Solutions for Duckweed in Ponds- Before- Clean-Flo

Pond covered with duckweed prior to treatment.

Solutions for Duckweed in Ponds- After- Clean-Flo

Pond after treatment with Lake Cleanser Special.