Blue Green Algae Bloom

31 Dec

Blue Green Algae Description:

Blue-Green Algae (cyanobacteria) can be found in lakes, reservoirs, ponds and almost any other type of water body, including the ocean. It becomes abundant in shallow, warm, undisturbed water that receives an adequate amount of sunlight. It will form blooms, giving the water a solid shimmering blue-green paint or scum appearance. Blooms can develop very quickly and be toxic, frequently leading to the closure of recreational waters when spotted.

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Blue/Green Algae Issue- Clean-Flo

Because natural toxins or poisons are produced by some Blue-Green Algae, you should take caution and not let pets or humans play in or drink the water when the algae is present. In 2014 the drinking water of Toledo, Ohio was contaminated by a large Cyanobacteria Bloom due to agricultural run-off entering nearby Lake Erie. During the month of August, strong winds blew algae into the drinking water supply intakes, rendering the drinking water unsafe to drink for two days.

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Blue-Green Algae Identification:

  • Shimmering blue-green color
  • Foamy sheen-like appearance (resembling floating spilled paint)
  • Blooms may appear to be bluish, brownish or reddish green.
  • As parts of the bloom die off a foul “decomposing” odor may be present
  • Blue-green is heavily influenced by wind, tide and waves. It can be gathered in or confined to specific areas by wind or wave movement.

How Can CLEAN-FLO Help You In Removing Blue Green Algae?
Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems along with the products below is the best way to naturally control blue green algae
Bio Booster- Algae Control Products- Clean-FloBio Booster – Bio Booster is designed to increase diatom populations and reduce nutrients needed by algae.





Bio StimulatorBio Stimulator – Bio-Stimulator stimulates and enhances natural microbial populations in situ for increased nutrient and muck reduction.