Aquatic Weed Control in Lakes and Ponds

30 Dec

Natural and Organic Aquatic Weed Control and Controlling Duckweed

The most important step in aquatic weed control in lakes and backyard fish ponds is to fully oxygenate the bottom through CLEAN-FLO’s unique pond pump and lake aerator. Install a CLEAN-FLO pond water feature and lake aerator to precipitate up to three times as much phosphorus and nitrogen as watershed management can accomplish. This results in up to 97 percent or more phosphorus and nitrogen removal. The phosphorus and nitrogen then become food for insects and fish, resulting in improved lake fishing and pond fishing. Because the phosphorus and nitrogen go into food for fish, the aeration system produces lake and pond restoration.
Once you attain full oxygenation of the bottom of your lake or pond with a lake aeration system, the following natural water treatment chemicals and lake management products will give you optimum lake weed control and pond weed control.

Clean-Flo’s Natural Aquatic Weed Control Products:

Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems along with the products below is the best way to naturally control weeds.

Muck Reduction Product- Clean & Clear- Clean-FloClean & ClearTM Concentrated Enzymes is a special blend of non-toxic enzymes from nature that acts as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduce available nutrients in the water, thus improving water quality for aquatic weed control and, duckweed and watermeal control.





Nutrient Sponge GR 1 lbNutrient Sponge Bind phosphorus in lakes and ponds with a short retention time for aquatic weed control, duckweed and watermeal control.





Case Study: Results of testing lakes in Florida 981kb


 Before Clean-Flo: Aquatic Weed Control- Natural Lake and Pood Weed Control

Before Clean-Flo Lake Restoration: Submerged lake weeds were so thick that one could not row a boat through them.

After Clean-Flo Aquatic Weed Control- Natural Pond and Lake Weed Control

After Clean-Flo Lake Restoration: No lake weeds one year after CLEAN-FLO installed Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation Aeration System.