This page contains a sampling of videos and presentations of the CLEAN-FLO process and successfully completed projects.

Video of the CLEAN-FLO process for river restoration, drinking water reservoir restoration and wastewater aeration

Presentation of CLEAN-FLO wastewater aeration projects for reducing BOD, sludge, duckweed, algae, and eliminating odors

Presentation of CLEAN-FLO lake aeration and pond aeration for reducing algae, aquatic weeds, organic muck, coliform and fecal bacteria, odor and nutrient levels while improving water quality, fish health and aesthetics

Video as seen on the FOX Business Network highlighting the successful restoration of Lake Collins in Scotia, NY.

Interview with Jim Marx, the Parks Supervisor for Scotia, NY who was responsible for the Lake Collins restoration project.


CLEAN-FLO Lake & Pond Presentation

CLEAN-FLO Wastewater Presentation