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Our technology has been tested and scrutinized by independent engineering firms across multiple applications, all proving that our technology delivers. We are honored by the comments and testimonials that we receive from the people, organizations and professional communities that we have worked with in the past. However, nature is complex, and each water body is different therefore results may vary.

April 21, 2014

To whom it may concern:

We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Clean-Flo and their lake aeration systems. We are a non-profit environmental association dedicated to restoring Lake Saint Catherine in western Vermont. We started working with Clean-Flo over five years ago when our research indicated that aeration might provide a solution for the shallower portions of our lake. Our working relationship has been quite productive, and our initial results show we are meeting our objectives.
The shallower portions of Lake Saint Catherine actually have many feet of organic material that has not decomposed due to an anaerobic condition. In places, we have four to five feet of water over a soft bottom with over 30 feet of this organic material to the hard bottom of this kettle pond lake. It took us several years to get a permit from the State of Vermont. Clean-Flo helped us prepare the design and the permit application, delivered the aeration system to our site and then provided technical advice for installation. The permit was approved in 2012 and initiated in August 2012. After one and one-half seasons we have had promising results.

The depth of the lake to the soft bottom has increased at each of the nine diffuser locations. The increases in depth at diffusers ranges from 6 inches to 24 inches. At the mid-points of the diffuser field, we have recorded an increased depth of roughly 6 inches. We have several control points north and south of the aeration field. No change in depth has been measured at these control points outside the aeration zone. We are pleased with these results and have recently received a permit to increase the number of diffusers from 9 to 13.
We are pleased to recommend Clean-Flo to organizations facing similar environmental challenges.


W. R. Steinmetz President April 21, 2014

Clean-Flo’s staffs have been terrific to work with. They have been very good in helping to figure out not only what products we need but also keeping us within our budget. They have made sure that we have detailed instruction on how and when to apply their biological products. Even though they are several states away, we have been able to reach them by phone if we have questions easily or by e-mail to send them pictures or videos so that they can help us figure out what to do next. We have been very happy with their customer service and especially with our results.

Lake Muck Reduction Success- Spring Valley- Clean-Floake Muck Removal- Spring Valley Estates- Clean-Flo

February 22, 2018

A few years ago it was observed that the pond was filling up with organic debris from the surrounding trees and taking on a murky appearance. Early in 2015, we had some fish die, and we knew we needed to do something quickly to remediate this situation. We first considered dredging the pond but the expense was high and the time to acquire permits would further jeopardize the pond appearance. It was at the time we were referred to Clean-Flo as a possible solution for our pond. Clean-Flo analyzed our pond water, designed the solution and had all the equipment in place in about a month. We are now approaching a year that the system has been installed and the pond looks great!

Millersville Pond Restoration Success- Clean-Flo

February 22, 2018

A Clean-Flo inversion oxygenation system was installed in late April go 2006, a significant drop in bacteria levels was observed after a week of operation. The systems turned off a few weeks after installation and bacteria levels rose. When the system was restarted, a decrease in bacteria levels was again recorded, suggesting that the Clean-Flo system was directly affecting bacteria levels in the lake.


Lake Bacteria Reduction in Lake Collins, NY- Clean-Flo Lake Collins NY Lake Restoration Success- Clean-Flo

February 22, 2018

We installed the Clean-Flo aeration system in March 2007 and noticed an immediate reduction of algae during the 2007 season. The algae coverage dropped from over 90% of the surface to about 60%. However, the real impact has come in there, our second season of usage. After an initial large algae bloom in late spring, the algae has disappeared. We now have less than 10% coverage, and this is limited to the shallowest, stagnant area of the pond.


Algae Reduction Success in Broad Ridge Run- Clean-FloAeration for Algae Reduction- Clean-Flo

February 22, 2018

Lake Restoration Success in Michigan- Clean-FloMichigan Lake Restoration Services- Clean-Flo

February 22, 2018

In August 2018, we installed your Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation system at the Ski Run Marina in South Lake Tahoe, CA. As required by State and local permits, we monitored the water and sediment quality prior to system start-up and after the first year of operation. The enclosed report documents the success of the system in reducing the amount of aquatic plants in the marina along with the muck layer that had built up in the Marina since it was last dredged.


May 21, 2020

My wife dropped a stainless clip off the dock three years ago and we hadn’t seen sign of it since. Within 3 months of commissioning the Clean-Flo system, so much muck and organic sediment had been digested that one day, there it was, sparkling in the sunlight through the clear water. We’re seeing stuff exposed on the bottom of Lake Harmony that we’ve not seen before.  Everyone is excited about the increase in water depth so far.


May 21, 2020

In over 2 years, the life of our lake is coming back and in force! I’m not a scientist but the only thing that can explain this is the installation of your system back in 2018. Having lived here for all of my life (66 years), the lake has never been as pristine and as full of life as it is now. To top it all off, we never had to close any of our beaches this year due to the dreaded blue/green algae outbreaks.


May 21, 2020

The city of Bowling Green, Ohio draws water from the Maumee River into a holding reservoir prior to being processed to provide drinking water for the city. From late spring to early fall, the Maumee River can have high levels of algae, cyanobacteria and nutrients, which at times can be drawn into the reservoir. The BGWTP feels the installation of the Clean-Flo system enhanced water quality and it is an important tool for its reservoir management.


May 21, 2020

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