Successful Restoration of Lake St. Catherine

21 Apr
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April 21, 2014

To whom it may concern:

We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Clean-Flo and their lake aeration systems. We are a non-profit environmental association dedicated to restoring Lake Saint Catherine in western Vermont. We started working with Clean-Flo over five years ago when our research indicated that aeration might provide a solution for the shallower portions of our lake. Our working relationship has been quite productive, and our initial results show we are meeting our objectives.
The shallower portions of Lake Saint Catherine actually have many feet of organic material that has not decomposed due to an anaerobic condition. In places, we have four to five feet of water over a soft bottom with over 30 feet of this organic material to the hard bottom of this kettle pond lake. It took us several years to get a permit from the State of Vermont. Clean-Flo helped us prepare the design and the permit application, delivered the aeration system to our site and then provided technical advice for installation. The permit was approved in 2012 and initiated in August 2012. After one and one-half seasons we have had promising results.

The depth of the lake to the soft bottom has increased at each of the nine diffuser locations. The increases in depth at diffusers ranges from 6 inches to 24 inches. At the mid-points of the diffuser field, we have recorded an increased depth of roughly 6 inches. We have several control points north and south of the aeration field. No change in depth has been measured at these control points outside the aeration zone. We are pleased with these results and have recently received a permit to increase the number of diffusers from 9 to 13.
We are pleased to recommend Clean-Flo to organizations facing similar environmental challenges.


W. R. Steinmetz President April 21, 2014