Restoration of Washington State Pond

12 Sep

September 12, 2009
From: Ron Harrison
Washington State

Dear Brian,
I have never written to endorse a product EVER before. If it were just the product, I probably wouldn’t take my time, but your professionalism, honesty and knowledge level made the difference. I know because I have been trying to clean up my pond (2,000,000 gallons) ever since I allowed Canadian Honkers to live here (’92 to ’97). I laughed at my PPD factor or “Poops Per Day” as they were running 300 to 400! These birds poop 28 times per bird with an average of 5 pounds per day. This would not be so bad, but 85% is nitrogen! (The U of W studied them.) I let them raise their young here until my trout tried to jump out of the pond because their skin was exploding. Unfortunately, it is all hindsight.

I called a water quality specialist and found the level of nitrogen and feces were off the chart. Starting in 1998 I used a competitors “concentrated” bacteria. I mixed it in 5 gallons of water and poured it in. I held the faith adding every year for a few years to no avail. After I had put up with that for about five years, I paid about six hundred dollars for an expert in 2002, and he used LLMO (Live Liquid Micro-Organisms). THESE were poured on the bottom with a hose. I held the faith adding a few times a summer for a couple of years, but the situation did not improve.

Starting in 2003 I used a competitors sludge busting microorganisms, bagged bacteria and compressed microorganism pellets. The bacteria was for the bottom, used by the square foot but sold by the cubic foot; I NEVER understood that. I spent and spent. Recommended was a pound per acre-foot twice a month! If the temperature of the water was below 68 degrees, double that! The warmer water kills trout, so it limited the time I had each year. It NEVER worked noticeably. I kept the faith for years, literally, hoping it would improve but the fish just kept dying, because I kept trying. The people I talked to claimed to be experts but just kept selling me anything they had really not concerned.

Finally, when the service got too bad I got fed up and got on the net and found Clean-Flo. I liked the philosophy of different types of bacteria for the bottom by the square foot and water column and filament strains by the cubic foot; it made sense. You would not let me buy as much as I wanted. I had never heard such a thing before.

Then WOW! In the FIRST Spring and Summer, I saw significant improvement. The milfoil I managed to hold down with expensive blue dye with a special yellow dye to stop photosynthesis has just disappeared, IN ONE SEASON!! C-flo ate the floating feces I had FOR YEARS! C-flo, C-flo-6, and C-flo-6F are truly a wonder. This year with the C-flo .family I am in shock and awe at the results and the low price. Not only cheaper but actually worked. It is a pleasure to look at the water and see it sparkle! I have not seen the actual gravel bottom for years. WOW again.

I highly recommend you and your amazing products. If you couldn’t have helped you would have said so and that cannot be said enough, it is a rare quality. I wish I had found you sooner, but I am just glad it didn’t take any longer.


Ron Harrison September 12, 2009