Pond Aeration Systems

Stormwater retention ponds, golf course ponds, community aquascape ponds, organic farm ponds, irrigation ponds, oil/gas exploration ponds and backyard ponds…all pond types that CLEAN-FLO has years of experience solving problems.  Each of these types of ponds are unique and require various strategies in order to get results.

Property development within watershed areas has increased significantly in recent years and many ponds have been subjected to an ever-increasing load of nutrients and sediments, resulting in decreased pond water quality. Pond aeration is the process of adding oxygen to a pond to improve water quality, therefore allowing fish, aquatic insects, and aerobic bacteria to decompose non-living organic matter. At CLEAN-FLO, we have developed a pond aeration system that is proven to successfully increase oxygen levels in pond water and naturally improve the health of a pond. A properly designed system can help increase fish growth and health, reduce odors, nutrients, and muck, increase clarity and create a healthier aquatic ecosystem.

Our pond aeration systems use special diffusers to increase oxygen levels in the most efficient manor. CLEAN-FLO pond aeration systems improve pond water quality for swimming, fishing and boating. Having more than 47 years of experience in pond aeration, CLEAN-FLO believes in a water body -focused approach to delivering natural pond restoration solutions.

Edina Before Pond Aeration System

Edina Before

Edina After Pond Aeration System

Edina After


CLEAN-FLO – A Pond Specific Restoration System

Each CLEAN-FLO pond aeration system is engineered specifically for the pond in which it is to be installed. The design process begins with an assessment of existing conditions, water quality data if available, size, shape, depth, and desired results. An aeration system is then designed to address the specific conditions that exist in the pond. A recommendation for bioaugmentation by adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to accelerate the water quality improvements will also be provided.

Pond Aeration System in UseResults of Pond Aeration SystemPond Aeration System in Use

At CLEAN-FLO, our approach to pond aeration and restoration is “solving the problem rather than treating the symptoms.” Let us solve your problem naturally!

To learn more about CLEAN-FLO’s natural pond aeration systems and pond restoration products, contact us today!

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Pond Before CLEAN-FLO

Before pond aeration system-Clean-Flo

Pond After CLEAN-FLO

After pond aeration systems and pond algae control


St. James Park, LondonCLEAN-FLO DiffusersEliminate Fish Kill
Pond Aeration System Success- St. James ParkPond Diffusers- Aeration SystemEliminate Fish Kill
Treatment of pond in St James Park, Buckingham Palace, London removes muck and improves fish growth and health.CLEAN-FLO diffusers duplicate nature to increase oxygen to support an improved aquatic habitat and water quality.Find out what it would cost to treat your pond or lake for reducing muck, odor,  and fish-kills while improving fishing.