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CP3 – Clear Pool (50 lb. pail)


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Clear Pool, 50 lb. pail


Clear Pool is easy to use and pool owners claim it gives them the best pool they have ever had – even if the pool appeared to be good already. Clear Pool can make it better and the pool is easier to take care of. A pool service company would similarly benefit and the pool owner will be happier than ever before. The benefits for swimming pools using Clear Pool, whether the pools are chlorinated, brominated, or ionized are as follows:

  1. 1. Clarifies the water by settling floating and suspended particles. Because both chlorine and ionization are used up in attacking organics such as algae and bacteria – chlorine and bromine by oxidation and chemical decomposition, and ionization by disrupting the enzyme balance – the amount needed of either process is greatly reduced by reducing the organic and bacterial matter through the use of Clear-Pool. Up to 60% savings in pool chemicals can be realized in a chlorinated pool, in addition to the many benefits below. In an ionized pool, the equipment is run less often, and for shorter periods of time, thereby reducing copper levels, and so reducing the chances for staining, again in addition to many of the benefits below. Also neither chlorination, nor ionization keeps the pool as desirable aesthetically as with Clear-Pool.
  2. Reduces the need for shocking.
  3. Stabilizes the pH factor, eliminating the cause of eye and skin irritation. It appears that the ideal range for ionization is pH 7.2 to 7.4. High pH can cause scaling, while low pH can cause corrosion.
  4. Loosens existing scum and scale, preventing new scum and scale from forming.
  5. Helps remove tanning oils from side of pool and eliminate unsightly build-up of oils.
  6. Reduces chloramines, resulting in less chlorine odor, eye burn, skin irritation, and hair brittleness. This is a comment we receive quite often – kids and swimmers who use the pool a lot love it. They claim their eyes don’t burn anymore.
  7. Saves water by keeping filters clean, reducing the need to backwash as frequently. Filters should be backwashed within a few days of using Clear-Pool.
  8. Prevents foaming.
  9. Completely compatible with copper ionized pools. May reduce amount of time ionization system needs to be run, reducing chances of staining from ionization. Saves money spent in running system.


In pools you really cannot use too much Clear-Pool. We only have recommended amounts that generally are sufficient to accomplish the desired results; if not, add more. The first time that Clear-Pool is used, a double application should be used. This is true also for seasonal opening and closing of the pool.

While savings on the use of other pool chemicals can result through the use of Clear-Pool this is not the reason most consumers would purchase the product. What every pool owner desires is a clean, clear pool that is hassle free.

Follow the directions on the package. Be sure to:

  • a.) vacuum the pool the next morning
  • b.) backwash the filter

Check the filter after two days to see if it needs to be back-washed again.



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