Nutrient Reduction P Disks

Nutrient Reduction Disks (1 lb.)



  • Nutrient Reduction Disks are slow release disks formulated to reduce phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon.
  • Apply 20 disks per acre initially and then 10 per acre every 2 weeks as needed.
  • $28 / lb. (8 – 2 oz. disks per lb.)

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Disk technology is a unique method to deliver a slow release proprietary formulation of microbes. The unique formulation consists of multi-strength dry naturally occurring beneficial microbes with the ability to reduce organic and inorganic nutrient loads – Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus (C, N and P) from water bodies.

  • P Disk: Phosphorus removal at the bottom and in the water column. (2oz disk)
  • N Disk: Nitrogen removal at the bottom and in the water column. (2oz disk)

How to Use

What it Does:

The slow release active microbial delivery system will help reduce complex organic and inorganic pollution, which in turn will improve water quality and aquatic life health. In conjunction with other ancillary ingredients it binds, degrades organics and reduces phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon from the water environment.

How it Works:

Dormant microbes from the disk are continuously releasing in the water. These microbes will use food (C, N, and P) from the water and reduce the C, N and P available for use by algae and unwanted plant growth. The disk is the delivery system for the continuous release of microbes.

Where it Can Be Used:

It can be used in any body of water with high nutrients, muck or foul odors. It works in a low oxygen environment, is easy to apply and works at broad pH and temperature range. For best results the disks should be used with a CLEAN-FLO inversion and oxygenation system.


Distribute 20 disks per surface acre as the initial dose. Ongoing maintenance dose is 10 disks per acre every two weeks as needed. Simply throw or distribute disks around the water body or treatment area. Wash hands after handling. Application rate based on 2 oz. disks. There are 8 disks per pound.



Persons allergic to dust should wear nose and mouth protection when handling this product. In the event of direct contact with eyes or skin, flush the affected area with water.


Store product in original container at room temperature. Protect from moisture.


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