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LAKECA – Lake Care (50 lb. pail)


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  • LAKE CARE stabilizes pH and cleans water (SIC #2899)
  • 50 lb./pail.
  • 100 lbs. treats 1 acre-ft.


Lake Care was developed with the purpose of neutralizing the electrostatic charges in water and has been found particularly effective in neutralizing those charges that are utilized by submerged weeds and green planktonic algae (that green cast to the water). Aquatic plants use this charge for two purposes; the first is to get weeds and algae separated, so they do not mat together and drop to the bottom. The second use is to attract mineral foods to the plants. If there were no charge, algae would not stay evenly spaced apart in the water and remain suspended in the water, and aquatic macrophytes (weeds) would not rise vertically in the water and remain the same distance apart. Instead, they would become tangled and unable to remain upright. When aquatic weeds and algae photosynthesize, they establish a potential gradient across the boundary of the exterior plant cells, the interior of which is negative to the water medium. This potential has been measured to be in the approximate range of -100 to -160 mv, depending on the plant species. This negative potential attracts calcium bicarbonate and other mineral cations to the plant. In the case of calcium bicarbonate, the plant strips off carbon dioxide for use as a food source and releases calcium carbonate back to the water. The calcium carbonate picks up another carbon dioxide molecule that has been exhausted to the water by aquatic fauna, and returns to the plant to release the new carbon dioxide molecule. Lake Care was developed to “fool” aquatic plants into “thinking” that they were receiving calcium bicarbonate. But this ion has no carbon dioxide to release to the plant. The calcium compound neutralizes the negative charge on the surface of the plant. The plants then drop to the bottom. The activity of anaerobic (w/o oxygen) bacteria at the lake bottom produces acidic conditions in the bottom waters. This can interfere with the effectiveness of the Lake Care. Lake Care is most effective when used with the CLEAN-FLO Inversion/Oxygenation System because it deactivates anaerobic bacteria on the lake bottom and removes the acid. For the process to work, carbon dioxide must be less than 15 mg/l, pH must be 7.0 or higher, ammonia nitrogen must be less than 0.3 mg/l and dissolved oxygen should be 5 mg/l or more. These are accomplished by the CLEAN-FLO Inversion/Oxygenation system. Lake care is not a pesticide in any way. It simply neutralizes the electronic charge in the water that is needed by aquatic plants and algae.


Use two 50 LB pails of Lake Care per acre-foot of water. Works best in combination with CLEAN-FLO Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion/Oxygenation Systems per CLEAN-FLO design. Lake Care is sold in 50 lb. plastic pails. For small ponds, the powder can be spread over the surface of the water using a scoop. For larger water bodies, the powder should be mixed with water to make a slurry and run uniformly over the water surface as the water craft is propelled through the water.



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