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C&C – Clean & Clear Concentrated Enzymes (1 gallon)


CLEAN & CLEAR™ Concentrated Enzymes. A special blend of non-toxic enzymes from nature that act as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduce available nutrients in the water.  Works synergistically with all CLEAN-FLO products. 1 gal/acre. (1 gallon) per container.

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CLEAN & CLEAR™ CONCENTRATED ENZYMES is a special blend of non-toxic vegetable enzymes from nature that acts as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduces available nutrients in the water, thus improving water quality. CLEAN & CLEAR™ softens the cell walls of dead organic matter, making it easier for beneficial bacteria and microbes to feed, giving the bacteria a “jump start” in restoring the water. Enzymes activate and help natural bacteria to digest organic matter in lakes, ponds, rivers, reservoirs and wastewater. CLEAN & CLEAR™ reduces odor caused by toxic gases from pathogenic (disease-type) bacteria, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, amines and mercaptans. CLEAN & CLEAR™ provides the following benefits:

  1. Accelerates biodegradation of organic matter
  2. Helps beneficial bacteria compete with weeds and algae for fertilizers such as phosphorus and nitrogen
  3. Helps improve water quality
  4. Reduces odors, including animal manure odors; improves air quality
  5. Safe to use; no health problems
  6. Safe in the environment; no pollution concerns
  7. Safe around animals
  8. Easy to apply
  9. Economical to use
  10. Helps liquefy organic waste

CLEAN & CLEAR™ combines enzymatic action with the natural deodorizer yucca schigrada.

How to Use

In lakes, ponds, and reservoirs: Apply 1 gallon per acre. Application can be by sprayer or poured over diffuser boils.

For wastewater, manure or sewage lagoons: Apply 1 gallon per 25,000 to 50,000 gallons of wastewater.


Store product in original container at room temperature.



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