Winter Warrior ™ (1 lb.)


Increases biological efficiency during colder months to improve water quality and organic muck reduction all winter long.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in


Winter Warrior is a unique microbial consortium developed by CLEAN-FLO to increase biological efficiency during the winter months and improve water quality and organic muck reduction all winter long.

Bio augmentation is a process of improving natural biological activity to breakdown organic pollutants. Bacteria are living organisms, which require optimum environmental factors to achieve best results. The important factors are carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous (food energy source) dissolved oxygen, PH and temperature.

While treatment facilities can make adjustments to control most of the parameters, it is challenging to control temperature between 40-150F. Most of the microbial process have optimum temp, between 70-90F.

During late fall and winter, water temperatures fall below 55F in many parts of the world. This decrease in the temperature slows down the growth process and reduces the benefits of bio augmentation by over 85%. Such reduced efficiency can lead to increased nutrients and organic muck build-up. Now you can do something to get ahead of these spring concerns.

To improve biological activity during these cold water periods, CLEAN-FLO has developed a unique microbial consortium that can quickly adapt to the lower water temperature and continue functioning in a broad temperature range (34 – 75F). This unique nutrient reduction technology will increase biological efficiency during the winter months and improve water quality and organic muck reduction all winter long.

Benefits of using Winter Warrior

    1. Improves B.O.D. and C.O.D.
    2. Reduces sludge build-up
    3. Reduces odors, degrades many organic pollutants.
    4. Breaks down F.O.G.
    5. Natural biological system
    6. Works at low temperatures
    7. Works under reduced oxygen levels. Best D.O. 4-5 ppm


How to Use

Toss water soluble bag(s) near the diffuser if aeration is present. The application rate is 1 lb. per acre-foot. To determine the acre-feet of your water body, multiply the surface acres by the average depth, or divide the total volume in gallons by 325,850. Winter Warrior™ can be applied at any time, but normally best in fall and early spring.


Store product in original container at room temperature. Shelf life is 60 days.


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