Winter Warrior Booster ™ (1 lb.)



  • Winter Warrior Booster is a unique formulation for stimulating cold water microbes in Winter Warrior and in situ for increased microbial activity.
  • Mix 2 lbs. in 5-10 gallons of water and distribute per acre.
  • Apply monthly or as needed.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 7 × 2.5 in


Winter Warrior Booster™ is a dry product provided for stimulating Psychrophilic (cold loving bacteria) and Mesophilic (conventional bacteria) microbes in extreme conditions. It contains proprietary organic food grade compounds and accelerates the bioremediation process in water bodies with heavy muck accumulation and other pollution.


How to Use

What it Does:

The product is designed to stimulate the available microbes that are introduced with the Winter Warrior. It also enhances the microbial processes in the ecosystem.

How Does it Work:

The Winter Warrior Booster™ when used as directed will jump start the bioremediation processes and will reduce nutrient loads, odor, BOD, COD and TSS within a two week period. Along with the CLEAN-FLO aeration system it will also increase the oxygen transfer, increase the biological activities and reduce the amount of freezing in cold temperatures to protect the fish population.

Where it Can Be Used:

Winter Warrior Booster™ can be used any place to improve bioremediation in waterbodies, soils and other polluted sites where cold temperatures restrict the use of conventional microbial products.


Dissolve 1-2 lbs. of product per surface acre in 5 gallons of clean water and distribute it in the area to be treated. Repeat the application monthly or on an as needed basis. The CLEAN-FLO inversion aeration system will also enhance the performance significantly.



Persons allergic to dust should wear nose and mouth protection when handling this product. In the event of direct contact with eyes or skin, flush the affected area with clean water. STORAGE: Store product in original sealed container at room temperature. Protect from moisture.


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