SKYBLA - Midnight Black Super Strength Lake Dye ™ (1 qt. bottle)



  • 12 qts./case or 1 quart bottles.
  • 1 quart treats 4 acre-feet.
  • For ponds, lakes, sewage lagoons.
  • Will not harm fish.
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 4 in


Midnight Black Super Strength Lake Dye is an organic aquatic dye designed to enhance the natural beauty of your pond or lake. It is specially formulated to darken the water and reflect scenery from the surrounding landscape, to hide submerged plants from view.

Advantages of Using Midnight Black Super Strength Lake Dye:

    • In most ponds and lakes, Midnight Black will give the appearance that the pond or lake is much deeper than it actually is.
    • Midnight Black will not make your water extremely dark or inky in appearance. With proper amounts applied, you should be able to see 2 - 3 feet down into the water. The water will take on a very natural and beautiful color, reflecting trees and shrubbery on the shoreline.
  • SAFE:
    • Midnight Black is harmless to fish and wildlife, pets, humans, and the environment, when used as directed.
    • Midnight Black is compatible with chelated copper algaecides and most other chemicals used in the aquatic environment.


How to Use

Where it Can Be Used:
In any pond or lake that has sufficient retention of water so that the dye is not flushed out. Midnight Black is not recommended for fast flowing or quick turnover bodies of water.

How to Apply:

Midnight Black can be applied simply by pouring into your pond or lake. Actual color may vary with water clarity, chemical make-up, and depth. It is best to start with one-half the recommended dosage and gradually increase the amounts until you reach the desired color; if more color is desired, allow 24 hours for the dye to completely mix before adding more. In northern climates, Midnight Black can be poured through a hole in the ice in the early spring or can be applied immediately after ice-out. When used with the CLEAN-FLO Inversion system, it can help sun light warm the water to help keep ice open.

Application Rate:

Midnight Black is applied at the rate of one quart per 4 acre feet of water. One quart will treat one surface acre four feet deep, or approximately 1,300,000 gallons of water. Midnight Black is sold in 1 quart containers.



Midnight Black cannot be effectively used in swimming pools or any other chlorinated systems.


Midnight Black can be removed from the skin by the use of chlorine bleach or soap and water.


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