Bio-Stimulator ™ (1 lb.)



  • Bio-Stimulator stimulates and enhances natural microbial populations in situ for increased nutrient and muck reduction.
  • Mix 1-2 lbs. in 10 gallons of water and distribute.
  • Apply monthly or as needed.

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 4 × 2.5 in


C-FLO BIOSTIMULATOR™ is a product formulated for those projects or areas where regulations do not permit the addition of exogenous bacteria. It contains proprietary natural organic food grade ingredients that are listed as “GRAS” (Generally recognized as safe.) compounds, so the product does not require any regulatory approvals. It contains no exogenous microbes and none of the ingredients are regulated by any agency.


How to Use

What it Does:

The product is designed for stimulating the natural population in situ. It contains organic food grade microbial growth booster ingredients to increase and enhance the natural microbial processes of the ecosystem.

How it Work:

C-FLO BIOSTIMULATOR™ when used as directed will jump start the bioremediation process by stimulating the natural microbial population already existing. This will reduce nutrient loads, odor, BOD, COD and TSS within a two week period.

Where it Can Be Used:

It can be used in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, wastewater and aquaculture, as well as any other fresh or saltwater applications. It is compatible with all other CLEANFLO products and can be used in addition to any other microbial additive. It can also be used to improve bioremediation in soils and other highly polluted sites. The CLEAN-FLO inversion aeration system will enhance the performance significantly in any water application.

Application Rate:

Mix 1 to 2 lbs. of product in 5 gallons of clean water and distribute in the area to be treated. Repeat the application monthly or on an as needed basis.



Persons allergic to dust should wear nose and mouth protection when handling this product. In the event of direct contact with eyes or skin, flush the affected area with water. When used as directed, product is safe within the environment.


Store product in original container at room temperature. Protect from moisture.


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