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Stormwater retention ponds, golf course ponds, community aquascape ponds, organic farm ponds, irrigation ponds, oil/gas exploration ponds, and backyard ponds…all pond types that CLEAN-FLO has years of experience solving problems. Each of these ponds types are unique and require various strategies in order to get results.

Property development within watershed areas has increased significantly in recent years and many ponds have been subjected to an ever-increasing load of nutrients and sediments, resulting in decreased pond water quality. The best way to achieve a natural pond ecosystem and reduce pond weeds is to add a pond aerator as a natural solution. Reducing pond weeds by using a pond aerator is a simple solution to a pond overrun by weeds.

The Process of Pond Aeration – Using 
Pond Aerators

Pond aeration is the process of increasing oxygen in a pond to improve water quality, therefore allowing fish, aquatic insects, and aerobic bacteria to decompose non-living organic matter. Pond aeration increases the process of oxidizing or eliminating pollution. Pond aeration systems work by using special equipment called aerators. The aerator adds dissolved oxygen to the pond which improves water quality, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter which will naturally reduce pond weeds.

Chemicals for Pond Algae Control?
Not a Smart Solution Instead of a Pond Aeration System

Chemicals ruin water quality as the dead weeds rot and release the nutrients they have taken up. As they rot, they also consume oxygen and increase bottom organic sediment. Fish will often die as a result of the oxygen depletion. Chemicals to kill pond weeds do nothing to remove muck, fertilizer, nothing to improve water quality, reduce odors, or improve fish growth or health.

Instead of reducing pond algae and weeds by pond aeration is based on the principle that ponds restore themselves using natural processes already in the water. A water restoration process, using pond aeration duplicates those natural processes and accelerates them to keep up with today’s pollutants.
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Pond Aeration Systems for Restoration

At CLEAN-FLO, we have developed a pond aerators that are proven to successfully increase oxygen levels in pond water and naturally improve the health of a pond. A properly designed system can help increase fish growth and health, reduce odors, nutrients, and muck, increase clarity and create a healthier aquatic ecosystem. Our aerators for ponds use special diffusers to increase oxygen levels in the most efficient manner.

CLEAN-FLO pond aeration systems improve pond water quality for swimming, fishing, and boating. Having more than 47 years of experience in pond aeration, CLEAN-FLO believes in a water body -focused approach to delivering natural pond restoration solutions.

Each CLEAN-FLO pond aeration system is engineered specifically for the pond in which it is to be installed. The design process begins with an assessment of existing conditions, water quality data if available, size, shape, depth, and desired results. An aeration system is then designed to address the specific conditions that exist in the pond. A recommendation for bioaugmentation by adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to accelerate the water quality improvements will also be provided. Our approach to pond aeration and restoration is “solving the problem rather than treating the symptoms.” Let us solve your problem naturally!

At CLEAN-FLO, our approach to pond aeration and restoration is “solving the problem rather than treating the symptoms.” Let us solve your problem naturally!
Before CLEAN-FLO Pond Aeration

Before CLEAN-FLO Pond Aeration

After CLEAN-FLO Pond Aeration

After CLEAN-FLO Pond Aeration

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