CLEAN-FLO integrates leading edge engineering and biotechnology to deliver solutions for water body restoration and sustainable water quality maintenance in 6 of the 7 continents around the world.

  • Lake Restoration
  • Waste Water Treatment

We create custom designed solutions, combining our Oxygenation Technology, Biological Augmentation and Nutrient Management to leverage the power of dissolved oxygen and Nature’s restorative biological processes to optimize water quality, so transforming nutrient over-loaded, polluted water bodies into clean, clear water resources with thriving ecosystems.

Our engineered oxygenation technology can be designed and configured for virtually any aquatic environment, including ponds, lakes, dams, rivers, reservoirs, wastewater treatment and aquaculture. The applications for our aeration systems are almost limitless, because for over 50 years our professional engineering team has been custom designing and manufacturing systems and solutions based on the particular parameters at each location or project.

Our core technologies are being deployed worldwide delivering unparalleled results across multiple applications.
Bio Dredging

Bio Dredging

Physical dredging is expensive, messy, and often causes algae blooms and worse!

Bio-Dredging is a fraction of the cost, makes no mess, and is part of a natural remediation and restoration process.
Invasive Weeds

Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds proliferate because organic, nutrient-rich, and mucky sediments provide a perfect rooting bed to support their growth.

By tackling root causes, we control invasive milfoil, pondweed, lilypads and more, in ponds and lakes of all sizes.
Harmful Algae Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are made up of toxin-producing cyanobacteria (or bluegreen algae). They are blooming earlier and more intensely, and lasting longer into fall every year.

We provide cost-effective, sustainable prevention of HABs to ponds, lakes and reservoirs throughout the USA.
Reservoir Management

Reservoir Management

Warmer weather, nutrient inflows, and anoxic conditions create taste and odor problems, and contribute to making reservoir management more difficult every year.

By improving water quality, we reduce treatment costs and mitigate the risks associated with cyanotoxins, disinfection byproducts (DPBs), trihalomethanes (TTHMs), and more.
Conventional technologies have not met the challenge. It’s time for new thinking. It’s time for innovation. It’s time for better technologies that integrate engineering and biotechnology. Since 1970, CLEAN-FLO has been cleaning water biologically by providing custom design and engineering with breakthrough cutting edge biotechnologies for complete water body restoration.

World Leaders in Clean Water
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what we do

Every waterbody, whether it be a pond, lake, reservoir, or wastewater treatment plant is different. So cobbling together off-the shelf systems and products is always a compromise, so a successful outcome becomes based as much on hope and luck as on effective technology and design.

You’ll see below that we serve a variety of markets, offer solutions to a variety of problems, and our technology can be applied to a variety of aquatic environments. What they all have in common is the fact that our Customers recognize that it is only through custom engineering and design can the specific requirements for each project be addressed to a degree that success can be assured.

And they trust Clean-Flo’s experience and expertise over more than 50 years to deliver the solution they are looking for.


Improved quality of irrigation water
Systems and products meet organic farm standards
Increased property values
Reduced mosquito breeding
Reduced herbicide and pesticide use
Improved pump performance

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2,412 Dump Trucks of Sediment Reduced
Lakes are an important part of life for many people. Unfortunately, when the water quality in lakes is poor, they become unsafe and unenjoyable. Coliform bacteria and blue green algae bloom contaminations are common reasons why some lakes have had to be shut down because they jeopardize public health in serious ways.  The E. coli […]
2,412 Dump Trucks of Sediment Reduced
Many lake property owners are usually worried about the presence of harmful bacteria and how it affects the quality of water in their lakes. And if you've ever been to a lake, you've likely seen signs warning against swimming due to high levels of coliform bacteria. This is why lake restoration systems remain as important […]
2,412 Dump Trucks of Sediment Reduced
Bottom diffusers are superior to surface aeration in all full-scale applications.  By full-scale, we mean anything other than a backyard pond or lake that has been so severely sedimented that it is less than 4’ deep.  At that point, there are few options other than to dredge mechanically.   At Clean-Flo, we refer to the function […]
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CLEAN-FLO 5 Star Rating
  • Cleanflo products work. I went from a muck and algae-filled 1.3 acre pond to clear water and a sand bottom….the water condition has dramatically increased since I had the Cleanflo inversion system and have been applying regular bio treatments. Night and day difference.
    - Bob, Pennsylvania

  • C-Flo hey ya'll I used the C-Flo last year 2 times and I loved it. It works pretty good with an air system going. I saw a lot of my shore go from dark muck to very light color like sand……Thanks a lot for your product it's awesome!!!
    - Corey

  • Thank you so much. We are thrilled with the system. Installation went well. We were surprised about how many bubbles there were…..You have made a big difference in our property and we thank you so much. Let me know what to add!
    - Jill, Scotia, NY

  • Clean-Flo’s staff have been terrific to work with. They have been very good in helping to figure out not only what products we need but also keeping us within our budget. They have made sure that we have detailed instruction on how and when to apply their biological products….we have been very happy with their customer service and especially with our results.
    - HOA in Grafton, IL

  • TOC levels have decreased by about 30% in our source water. As a result, we are seeing improved summer chlorine residuals in distribution despite the high water temperatures.....We have completely transformed the pH and the metals profile of our water source…..this summer our total manganese concentration from the reservoir was under 0.1 mg/L, and our dissolved manganese was typically less than 0.01 mg/L while the pH leaving the reservoir never dropped below 6.85
    - Greater Johnstown Water Authority, PA

  • Lake is doing superbly and both trout and smallmouth are thriving, plus algae is down. The entire environment is hugely improved. We have lots of migratory ducks and now that bass are breeding, we have herons, kingfishers, and now otters plus species we have never seen before. Thought you might be interested – best decision I made was contacting you guys.
    - Tony, Ontario, Canada

  • The enclosed report documents the success of the system in reducing the amount of aquatic plants in the marina along with the muck layer that had built up in the Marina since it was last dredged.
    - Dan Jack, Ski Run Marina, South Lake Tahoe, CA

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