February 8, 2019

Watershield Plant Identification and Control- Clean-Flo

Watershield is a floating perennial weed with purple stems and leaf undersurfaces, which are below the water surface are coated with a jelly-like substance.

What is Watershield and Why is it a Problem?

Watershield is a perennial aquatic weed, known for it's floating leaves, which is typically found in slow moving bodies of water including ponds and lakes. Althoughwatershield is a native plant in most regions of North America, it can quickly become weedy and overtake shallow water bodies. Watershield can cause numerous issues once it overtakes a lake or pond. First, once it becomes dense, it can slow down boat travel. Secondly, this weed secretes chemicals that can kill or prevent the growth of other plants, vegetation, and aquatic life

How to Identify Watershield?

  • Ribbon like, dark green leaves while the undersides of the leaf and stems are reddish purple
  • Leaf blades are small, typically up to 1 2 cm in length arranged in whorls or opposite each other on the stem
  • Rooted
  • Plants may be bushy
  • Underwater parts of this weed are covered with slime
  • Long, thin, branching stems

How to ControlWatershield?

Installing one of our inversion oxygenation systems is the most important step to improving water quality, reducing organic muck and reducing watershield.  Our bioaugmentation products can also be added to help control nutrients.  Our process will not only increase and stabilize oxygen levels throughout the water body but will reduce nutrients safely and naturally. Without reducing the source, nutrients, watershieldcan be an on-going concern. This is an effective and long-term approach to control and naturally reducing watershielf. More importantly, numerous other benefits of oxygenation include improved swimming and boating, improved water quality, reduced organic sediments (muck), improved fish health, and improved property values. Bring life back to your water body naturally with CLEAN-FLO.

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