Revitalizing the Feng-Shan Reservoir

22 Feb

Challenge: The Feng-Shan Water Reservoir is a 70-hectare (173-acre), 28 m (92 ft) maximum depth body of water located near Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A tributary from a river that has hundreds of pig farms upstream feeds the reservoir. The farmers dump their pig manure directly into the river, and the government is presently powerless to do anything about it. The reservoir has an 11 – 17 hour retention time, before entering the drinking water treatment plant.

Solution: With the help of an inversion system, water passed through bacterial culture media to increase bottom oxygen and reduce ammonia.

Conclusion: Blue-green algae and ammonia were less present in the reservoir after continuous laminar flow inversion/oxygenation, removing the unpleasant taste and odor from local drinking water.

Revitalizing Blue Green Algae Growth of Feng-Shan Reservoir,