Transform Your Lake With Blue Lake Dye

05 Mar

If you’ve got an unsightly body of water on your property that may be overrun with algae and debris, blue lake dye can both naturally camouflage and reduce your submerged aquatic plant problems. Lake dye is an easy way to naturally and safely limit weed growth and can be used with aquatic plant control and pond algae control to hide submerged plants and trash from view by reflecting a beautiful blue sky.

Sky Blue lake dye is designed to filter out UV, thereby slowing algae and weed growth while transforming lake water and pond water to a gorgeous natural shade of blue. They’re designed to shade underwater portions of your body of water from sunlight, and effectively prevent an excess of aquatic plant and algae growth. Lake dye is safe, natural, and effective in preventing plant photosynthesis in bottom-dwelling plants and fungi. It’s also very effective in camouflaging the unsightly growth, garbage, and debris that can accumulate in bodies of water as well. Early in the spring season is an excellent time to apply your lake dye to make the most of its effectiveness—by summer, your lake or pond will have less algae and weed growth.

If you preemptively apply blue lake dye in the spring season, you may prevent algae and aquatic weed growth before it starts. Blue pond dye can be poured through a hole in the ice in late winter and can be applied immediately after ice-out. Lake dye will give the appearance that your lake or pond is much deeper then it seems, but it will not make the water cloudy, dark, or inky. When you apply the proper amount, you’ll be able to see down two to three feet—and the water will have a natural blue tint.

Who Can Use Blue Lake Dye?

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Lake dye can successfully be used in any pond or lake that has sufficient retention of water so that the pond dye is not flushed out. If the color starts to fade due to rain events, simply add more dye. Lake dye is perfect for backyard garden ponds, large business parks, residential development ponds, municipalities, and townships as well. Lake dye transforms ponds at golf courses and even farmers can use it as there are no restrictions on swimming, fishing, irrigation or stock watering. Lake dye won’t stain clothing or bathing suits, fountains, or any surfaces. It’s simple to use: the product can be poured in at the water’s edge and will last for weeks or months depending on flow through. Although lake dye cannot be used in chlorinated environments as chlorine will decrease its life and effectiveness, it’s completely safe for lakes and completely harmless to fish, pets, humans, and the environment.

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