Ice Prevention / Reduction Utilizing CLEAN-FLO Laminar Flow Inversion Oxygenation

There are many reasons why aeration is used to prevent ice formation on bodies of water. Probably the most common is to prevent damage to boats, pilings, docks, retaining walls and other in water structures. However, there are other reasons including maintaining open water for wildlife, reducing fish kills, maintaining water for firefighting usage and for oil/gas exploration and preventing the potential for rubber liner damage.

Winter Pond and Lake Aeration for Ice Prevention

Bottom lake water absorbs heat from the earth, which keeps it above freezing. Once our system is started, we constantly mix this warmer water with the colder surface water. This will reduce ice already formed on the water and will lessen the opportunity for new ice to form.

Wind Pond and Lake Aeration for Ice Prevention

1 hour after the aeration system was turned on in a pond that was fully covered with ice

It is important for us to understand your goal of installing an ice prevention system. For instance, a system for preventing fish kills may be a small system with only a couple of diffusers. However, a system that is needed to totally prevent ice formation may have many dozens of diffusers depending on the size of the water body.

Winter Pond Aeration- Should you aerate your pond in the winter- Clean-Flo How to prevent ice on your pond with winter pond aeration- Clean-Flo

Our systems are custom designed for every project, involve no moving parts in the water, increase in efficiency with deeper water, prevent ice and reduce existing ice and operate in all climates. We also design systems that can be used for ice prevention in the winter and aeration/water quality improvement through the spring, summer and fall seasons. These systems have the capability of controlling the airflow if not needed during any season.

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