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CLEAN-FLO International would like to welcome Holganix customers to our website! You already know Holganix is a leader in organic lawn care products so please let us now introduce you to CLEAN-FLO and how we can help keep your golf course pond quality up to par. CLEAN-FLO is a designer of lake and pond management solutions that use oxygenation, natural microbes, enzymes and diatoms to suppress algae and plant growth while improving water quality and enhancing irrigation to Holganix treated turf. Our systems can be sized to fit any water body, from small ponds to major golf course water obstacles. CLEAN-FLO has been providing custom design and engineering for complete water body restoration since 1970 and offers these services in 6 of the 7 continents around the world The CLEAN-FLO system:

  • Is a natural organic solution to pond management
  • Improves appearance of ponds by reducing algae and weed growth, and organic sediments
  • Improves water quality and dissolved oxygen for irrigation to enhance Holganix
  • Reduces or eliminated the need for harsh chemicals like herbicides and pesticides
  • Improves aquatic life and increases fish health and growth
  • Reduces nutrients leaving the property

Request a free cost estimate We use Inversion Oxygenation TechnologyBiological Augmentation and Nutrient Sponges to transform nutrient over-loaded, polluted water bodies into clean, clear resources with thriving ecosystems. Read more about our applications by clicking the following links.

CLEAN-FLO also develops and sells individual products to help you manage the health of your water body. Remember to use the exclusive Holganix coupon code specified by the flyer or email you received.

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