Reduce Duckweed and Watermeal Growth with CLEAN-FLO Inversion Oxygenation and Bioaugmentation

Duckweed and watermeal are two very similar aquatic plants and many times are found together in the same water body. They are both free floating plants that float around on the water surface. Once these weeds get established, they become difficult to eradicate. They spread rapidly across quiet water bodies and under ideal conditions; they can double their area coverage in a few days. They are extremely resilient and difficult to eradicate. Once a water body is covered with duckweed and/or watermeal, natural oxygen transfer from the atmosphere is greatly reduced. Many times this leads to massive fish kills and will restrict sunlight that native aquatic plants need to survive.

Duckweed and watermeal are easily spread to other bodies of water by birds, turtles, reptiles, and aquatic mammals regularly visiting multiple water bodies in search of food. These weeds also can be spread by attaching to boats and other water craft that is moved about. Once the surface is covered with these weeds and oxygen transfer is reduced, odor may develop and organic muck loaded with excess nutrients will accumulate. To keep a water body healthy, it’s best to keep them under control.




Many people resort to chemicals to control these weeds. However killing plants adds to the organic muck on the bottom and increases available nutrients. Many times, duckweed and watermeal return as more seeds germinate from the nutrient rich muck. This creates a cycle involving multiple chemical applications and more dead plant biomass.

A natural solution to watermeal and duckweed control

The ideal solution is to manage these weeds without chemicals, but it is not a quick fix in many cases due to the excessive nutrients available from years of abuse. CLEAN-FLO’s approach to natural control involves the use of laminar flow aeration and bioaugmentation. Our aeration technology is proven to oxygenate the entire water column and into the organic sediments that cover the bottom. With oxygen present, our bioaugmentation with various natural microbes will reduce the nutrient rich muck at the bottom, thereby reducing the food source for the weeds to germinate. These same microbes will also reduce nutrients in the water column, improving water quality in the process.

Before CLEAN-FLO- Duckweed Control Solution


After CLEAN-FLO- Duckweed Control Solutions


As the muck on the bottom reduces over time, and the weed growth on the surface starts to reduce, other native plants may return. A transition to algal growth may also occur. We recommend periodically adding microbes throughout the year to supplement natural microbial populations in the water body and increase the reduction of nutrients.

Here are a few of our products that will help reduce nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus required by watermeal and duckweed.

Adding these products to a body of water covered with plant growth and no aeration will product limited results. All microbial products work best in water with high levels of oxygen, so we always recommend installation of our laminar flow aeration as the first step in any pond or lake improvement project.

C-FLO+ – Special microbial disk formulation designed to reduce organic muck and nutrients.

Clean & Clear – Concentrated enzymes that act as a catalyst to biodegrade non-living organic matter and reduce available nutrients in the water and muck.

C-FLO P – Microbial pellet formulation to significantly reduce heavy metals, toxic ammonia and unwanted excess phosphorus.

Bio Booster – Bio Booster is designed to increase diatom populations and reduce nutrients needed by algae.

Bio Stimulator – Bio-Stimulator stimulates and enhances natural microbial populations in situ for increased nutrient and muck reduction.

Winter Warrior – Specialized cold water microbial formulation to reduce muck and nutrients throughout the winter and in spring fed ponds.

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