Custom aeration systems and products that work in every type of water body.

At CLEAN-FLO our mission is to make sure we provide systems and products that work for every type of water body.  We don’t subscribe to the concept of a “one size fits all” or “kit” approach and that is why you cannot purchase an aeration system from our website.  In fact, each year we remove many of these types of systems that were purchased with the impression that they would work in a particular water body.  When they didn’t produce the intended result, the customer had no choice but to replace it with something that will provide the results they want.  For this reason, we treat every lake, pond or lagoon as the unique water-body that it is.  We recognize that this approach requires both the customer and CLEAN-FLO to do more work than just picking products off of a shelf.  However, it is always worth the effort.

How Clean-Flo Designs Custom Aeration Systems and Products

In order to get maximum results, we need to understand the dynamics of a body of water.  We want to understand as best as possible the water quality, retention, organic load, bathymetry, recreational uses, plant growth and finally what results are expected.  Armed with this information, our engineers can then design the best possible system for that body of water.

Every year we design hundreds of types of systems that are installed in ponds of less than 1/4 acre, lakes/reservoirs that are thousands of acres and wastewater lagoons with many different types of waste streams.  Because of the wide variation in applications, we aren’t limited to a particular type or range of compressor configuration.  In fact, we have the capability to utilize nearly an unlimited range of compressor sizes and configurations and have developed and implemented designs utilizing rotary vane, piston, rotary screw, rotary claw, and scroll compressors.

Once a system is designed, built and shipped to the customer it is important that all of the required parts fit together and are easy to install.  With thousands of systems installed by the customer, we recognize the importance of easy installation.  On larger projects, we also have the capability to complete the installation of the systems or provide on-site supervision and assistance if the customer prefers to do it themselves.

As a part of the easy install program, we include a mapping of the diffuser locations as shown below.  This guides the installation effort to ensure the implementation matches up with the engineering design.

Diffuser Location Mapping

Systems can range from a fraction of a horsepower to hundreds of horsepower depending on a project needs.  This requires compressor housing to be flexible for the application and can range from a simple cabinet to a shed or ultimately a building.  In all cases it is important that the housing is above the flood line, is dry and has adequate ventilation.

Systems Housing
Systems Housing
Systems Housing
Systems Housing

Our Ceramic Diffusers offer several advantages over membrane or perforated air-hose diffuser designs.  Our technology is NOT comparable to the commonly used, outdated “air stone” designs that are often sold for backyard pond applications.

We have developed a proprietary ceramic formulation and airflow system through the diffuser that delivers higher efficiency and more consistent performance over time than membrane diffusers.  We have diffusers for shallow and deep water applications and our engineers determine which diffusers to use and where to use them during our design process.

We also manufacture a medium bubble diffuser that is used in high BOD and wastewater applications.  Again our engineers will determine the best diffuser for a particular application based on the data gathered in our design phase.

Bubble Diffuser
Bubble Diffuser

In addition to aeration systems, we also provide unique blends of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, aquatic dyes, and other additives to improve water quality.  We also have designed media that will reduce nutrients as water passes through it.  This media is especially beneficial when used in inlets that are high in nutrient levels to reduce the impact on a body of water.

Long-Term Aeration Solutions with Greater Operating Efficiency

Whether you have a small backyard pond, a thousand-acre reservoir, or a wastewater lagoon,  you want an effective long-term solution.  CLEAN-FLO delivers cost-effective solutions with greater operating efficiency than other aeration providers.  We do not pull something off the shelf to try to fit the requirements.  We work with you before and after the sale to provide not only the solution to your problems but results that meet your goals.  Contact us today with any questions or fill out our form to request a free cost estimate. We look forward to working with you every step of the way.