Our Company

From its inception in 1970 (4 years before EPA was founded), CLEAN-FLO International has strived to promote an understanding of how important nutrient reduction in water-bodies is to the long-term quality of water in the world’s rivers, lakes, reservoirs, bays and yes oceans.

With this underlying challenge, CLEAN-FLO has provided specific engineered aeration systems with microbes and enzymes to improve water quality throughout the world.  Additionally, in this process, CLEAN-FLO has developed a vast knowledge and experience base relating to water quality improvement. This experience is shared daily with our customers to improve and solve the many challenges relating to water quality.  The CLEAN-FLO sale is not a one-time experience.  Through various communication media, CLEAN-FLO provides ongoing services and information to our many long-term customers.  CLEAN-FLO personnel understands how complex water quality is and how difficult it is to fully understand the complex interrelationships in nature.

Our network of qualified distributors located throughout the US and 17 countries provide expertise and experience locally.  These distributors work closely with us to gather data and information needed, and then they can execute our solution.

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Our Approach to Naturally Improving Water Quality

Our approach to each water body is a little different than most companies.  We don’t sell systems over the internet.  In our opinion, the “one size fits” solution to various size water bodies is a hit or miss proposition.  We want customers to get the results that they expect on every project.  In order to accomplish this, we have to get some critical information.

Once obtained, our engineers can prepare a detailed system design and program for any body of water.  For 44 years our engineering has set us apart from our competitors, and our customer service ensures that even after the sale we will be there for guidance and support to keep our customers satisfied.