Pond Restoration for Sun Ridge Association

04 Mar

Built in the late 1980s, the residents of Sun Ridge have enjoyed the retention pond for it’s beauty as a pleasing feature in the landscape of this 212 acre mixed unit residential community. Over the years, however, the community has faced and increasingly expensive array of treatments/solutions for an accumulation of pond weeds and algae blooms.

In an attempt to save cost, Sun Ridge Owners Association Trustee Jim Myers, along with other board members, began to research alternative solutions… The result a decision to employ a fully organic/biological method that enzymatically “scrubs” the water clean, as well as, a physical process to remove the established plant material that returns each year.

With the steps taken so far, some amazing things have occurred. Firstly, the fish population has thrived. Secondly, there was a wild swan in residence the entire season keeping away any geese that tried to take up residence. But most importantly, the pond ecology is healthy, clear and can be sustained for much less. And best of all, they did not have to spend $200,000.”

Sun Ridge Owners Association Testimonial- Clean-Flo