Bacteria Reduction in Lake Collins, NY

03 Mar

55 acre Lake Collins in the Village of Scotia in NY had a swimming beach that had been closed due to pathogenic bacteria. Upon installation of the CLEAN-FLO inversion oxygenation system, bacteria levels dropped within a week. The State allowed the Village to reopen the beach after bacteria levels remained low for a set period of time.

” A Clean-Flo inversion oxygenation system was installed in late April go 2006, a significant drop in bacteria levels was observed after a week of operation. The systems turned off a few weeks after installation and bacteria levels rose. When the system was restarted a decrease in bacteria levels was again recorded, suggesting that the Clean-Flo system was directly affecting bacteria levels in the lake.”

Village of Scotia Parks Testimonial- Clean-Flo

Village of Scotia- Lake Collins Testimonal- Clean-Flo