Muller Engineering Highland Lake

22 Feb

Restoration & Water Quality Management

Excerpt from: Interim Report for Anoka County on Highland Lake, Kordiak Park, Columbia Heights, Minnesota. December 14, 1987


Highland Park located in Kordiak Park, Columbia Heights, Anoka County Minnesota is in this early stages of a complete lake restoration program, as sponsored and apecificed by the Anoka County Parks and recreation department. So far, much has been reduced, resulting in an average 4-inch per month decrease in much since the program began on July 23, 1987.


Highland Lake also known as Kordiak Lake was a shallow eutrophic 15-acre municipal storm water holding basin used only for aesthetic purposes as a focal point of Kordiak Park. The lake underwent fish kills periodically, and was filled with aquatic plants and a heavy algae bloom.


Water quality improved from July 23 to October 12, the time the lake was last tested. The lake shifted from a carbon dioxide limited lake before treatment to a nitrogen limited lake within thirty days of initiation of the program. By October 12th, all forms of available nitrogen were too low to measure. On July 21st, the plants were phosphorus limited.

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Muller Engineering Highland Lake Report [PDF]