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Winter Fish Kill Prevention: Reducing Winter Muck and Decaying Weeds and Algae

17 Nov

In the summer, lakes and ponds are thought of as scenes of constant activity, teeming with fish, frogs, turtles, snakes, bugs and humans. But when colder weather comes, pond dynamics change drastically and an improperly cared for body of water can become an uninhabitable environment in a very short period of time. Fish that spend […]

Lake Weed and Lake Algae Identification Chart

09 Apr

Reservoirs, lakes and ponds may have a wide variety of weeds and algae, which may look similar. For this reason, we put together an aquatic weed and algae identification chart to help you identify, manage and control the most common types of aquatic weeds or algae that may be inhabiting your water body. To get […]

Pond Weeds Control

07 Apr

If Pond Weeds are a problem then avoid herbicides and permanently control pond weeds with the Natural CLEAN-FLO Pond Weed Control System Pond Aeration System for Controlling Pond Weeds The Perpetual Pond Weed Problem: Fertilizers The cause of aquatic macrophyte (pond weed) growth and algae in ponds and lakes is an abundance of plant nutrients […]

Duckweed Control, Watermeal Control in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware – Pond Weed Control

09 Mar

Pond Skimmer Solution for removing Watermeal and Duckweed from your lake or pond surface Utilizing the ProSkim system, CLEAN-FLO provides a mechanical solution for removal of watermeal, duckweed, azolla and other floating weeds and debris from your small lake and pond.         CLEAN-FLO International makes available this ProSkim system that uses technology […]

Don’t Add Chemicals To Your Pond: How To Remove Pond Weeds and Prevent Weed Growth Naturally

08 Jul

Before you dump chemicals into your pond to combat pond weeds, read the following information.  There are alternatives to chemical pond weed removal.  We advise against using chemicals in ponds, rivers, lakes, and other small bodies of water because they ruin water quality.  As pond weeds die and rot, they release chemicals they’ve taken in, […]

Blue-Green Algae or Cyanobacteria Control in Lakes, Ponds, and Reservoirs

31 Dec

Recent cases of Blue-green algae outbreaks are on the increase as the average temperature rises and rainfall and phosphorous runoff increases, creating the perfect environment for blue-green algae or cyanobacteria to grow.  Even in mid-October 2017, across the Finger Lakes and into Vermont, the algae are blooming, causing a biohazard problem for all areas affected. […]


31 Dec

Watershield Description: Watershield is a floating perennial weed with purple stems and leaf undersurfaces. The parts of the plant which are below the water surface are coated with a jelly-like substance. Most commonly found in water up to about 5 feet deep in the eastern United States from Florida to Canada, and also in Oregon […]


31 Dec

Watermeal Description: Watermeal (botanically known as Wolffia), is a light green plant that is free-floating and although different in appearance, lacking the long stringy root structure and “leafiness,” it is similar in nature and closely related to duckweed. Like duckweed, it is an aggressive invader and can be very damaging to the overall health and […]


31 Dec

Planktonic Algae Description: Planktonic algae does not form a mass or mats on the surface. They are free-floating microscopic plants which can be found floating on the top few feet of water in ponds or lakes. Planktonic algae requires light so they may produce food by photosynthesis. The algae colors the water in various shades […]

Hydrilla Verticellata

31 Dec

Hydrilla Verticellata Description: Hydrilla Verticellata, commonly referred to as Hydrilla is a very invasive submersed freshwater herb. It was originally sold as an aquarium plant. It forms very dense strands growing from the bottom of the water and sprawling across the surface. Although it is an excellent source of food for waterfowl, it can be […]