Water Quality Management

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Alternative Dredging Techniques for Muck Removal

20 Jun

Is your body of water overcome with muck or sediment? Has your search for muck removal led you to believe that dredging your lake or pond is the best solution? The truth is conventional dredging techniques are very messy. The typically damaging process involves first draining the pond and removing all wildlife before the heavy […]

How to Get Involved in Community Water Restoration

23 May

Striving for and maintaining a high standard for groundwater is a critical component to improving overall water quality. By controlling the use of herbicides, pesticides, and manure, we can help eliminate contamination and reduce the dumping of waste and compounds into our waterways. Another key component to improving our communities’ water quality is by protecting […]

What Can Be Done for Lake Okeechobee?

16 Aug

Lake Okeechobee, often referred to as “The Lake”, is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Florida. Due to heavy rainfall during the month of January, Lake Okeechobee was experiencing its highest water levels in nearly a century. Once the water levels hit a foot above normal, public officials decided to take action out […]

Solutions for Neutralization of Acidic Lakes

12 Apr

The problem with acid lakes is that acid lakes consume water hardness as the acid lakes are neutralized by liming. If the water in the acid lakes were not acidic, the water hardness would most likely be good, as it probably was centuries ago. Calcium and magnesium present in most rock and mineral deposits are […]

Transform Your Lake With Blue Lake Dye

05 Mar

If you’ve got an unsightly body of water on your property that may be overrun with algae and debris, blue lake dye can both naturally camouflage and reduce your submergent aquatic plant problems. Lake dye is an easy way to naturally and safely limit weed growth and can be used with aquatic plant control and […]

Common Misconceptions About How To Improve Water Quality

02 Jan

How to Improve Water Quality: Misconceptions, Success Indicators & Alternative Solutions Often water testing companies neglect to explain in detail the results of water improvement tests, leaving lakeshore and pond owners wondering what they mean and unsure about how to improve water quality. Your understanding of the test results is important to choose the best […]