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Successful Restoration of Lake St. Catherine

04 Mar

April 21, 2014 To whom it may concern: We are pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for CleanFlo and their lake aeration systems.  We are a non-profit environmental association dedicated to restoring Lake Saint Catherine in western Vermont.  We started working with CleanFlo over five years ago when our research indicated that aeration might […]

Restoration of Washington State Pond

04 Mar

September 12, 2009 From: Ron Harrison Washington State Dear Brian, I have never written to endorse a product EVER before. If it was just the product I probably wouldn’t take my time but your professionalism, honesty and knowledge level made the difference. I know because I have been trying to clean up my pond (2,000,000 […]

Pond Restoration for Sun Ridge Association

04 Mar

Built in the late 1980s, the residents of Sun Ridge have enjoyed the retention pond for it’s beauty as a pleasing feature in the landscape of this 212 acre mixed unit residential community. Over the years, however, the community has faced and increasingly expensive array of treatments/solutions for an accumulation of pond weeds and algae […]

Successful Muck Reduction at Spring Valley Estates

04 Mar

” Spring Valley Estates subdivision was developed in the late 1960s from an 80 acre tract of farm land. The lake itself is approximately 10 acres and is fed by four natural springs. Over the years, run off from adjacent farm lands and lawns have caused an increasing problem with layers of muck (up to […]

Bacteria Reduction in Lake Collins, NY

03 Mar

55 acre Lake Collins in the Village of Scotia in NY had a swimming beach that had been closed due to pathogenic bacteria. Upon installation of the CLEAN-FLO inversion oxygenation system, bacteria levels dropped within a week. The State allowed the Village to reopen the beach after bacteria levels remained low for a set period […]

Successful Restoration of Millersville University Pond

03 Mar

” A few years ago it was observed that the pond was filling up with organic debris from the surrounding trees and taking on a murky appearance. Early in 2015 we had some fish die and we knew we needed to do something quickly to remediate this situation. We first considered dredging the pond but […]

Algae Reduction of Broad Run Ridge

03 Mar

“On behalf of the Broad Run Ridge Homeowner’s Association, I wanted to thank you and Clean-Flo for your help in restoring our pond. When I first contacted you two years ago, our pond was in poor shape with extensive algae coverage. I’m happy to report that we now have a beautiful pond with minimal algae […]

Clean-Flo’s Success in Improving Water Quality in Michigan

02 Mar

“Our clients have been satisfied with the results of this technology and prefer to use a holistic approach to lake improvement and restoration. Recently, our firm conducted research on the mechanisms of function for the Clean-Flo whole lake diffusion system and have concluded that the technology yields statistically significant reductions in sediment ammonia, which can […]