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Organic Sediment and Muck Reduction in Lake Harmony

11 Apr

Case Study Showing Organic Sediment and Muck Reduction Over 4 Months – Lake Harmony, PA The following case study shows dramatic muck reduction and organic sediment removal from Lake Harmony in Pennsylvania after only 4 months of the CLEAN-FLO system. The Muck Reduction Challenge Lake Harmony is a small lake located in the Pocono Mountains […]

Inversion Oxygenation Helps Reduce Organic Sediments and Milfoil

22 Feb
Clean-Flo Results from Lake St Catherine

The Challenge Over the years, organic sediments built up in the lower end of Lake St. Catherine (181 acre Little Lake), Wells, VT.  Milfoil growth started to dominate the lake and made navigation and water sport enjoyment almost impossible.  Chemical applications to kill the milfoil contributed to further accumulations of over 20 feet of organic […]

How Watershed Management and Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion Reduce Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Lakes, Rivers and Reservoirs

02 Jan

Watershed management is an important tool in restoring polluted water bodies. The results, however, are often limited and further treatment is necessary to achieve the desired results. A major problem is that non-point source pollution may be difficult to control. This leads to the question, can in-situ treatment help attain the nutrient reductions needed for […]