Results of Testing CLEAN-FLO Lake Cleanser in Florida Lakes

24 Feb

Excerpt from: Results of Testing Clean-Flo Lake Cleanser in Florida Lakes

Prepared by: Lowell Trent and Bill Mc Arthur- Botanist, Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission Lake City, Florida 32055; And Technical Representative, Clean-Flo Laboratories, Inc. Hopkins Minnesota 55343


This paper presents results of a pilot study of efficacy and observable toxicity in Florida lakes of a new product formulation comprising an admixture of soluble calcium, aluminum and sodium cations, and a buffer agent. The intended purpose of the compound is to remove phosphate from natural waters by precipitation, thereby causing a natural decline of aquatic flora.


Clean-Flo has been found in laboratory tests and in field tests in Minnesota to precipitate phosphate and iron from natural waters, The purpose of this study was to perform a preliminary pilot study to see if this compound produces similar results in warm, high phosphate, relatively low pH waters of Florida, and to determine whether the aquatic plants would decline as a result.

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Results of Testing Clean-Flo Lake Cleanser in Florida Lakes