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Inversion Oxygenation and Bioaugmentation Quickly Reduces Organic Sediments

The Challenge Lake Apopka is a 30,888 acre hyper-eutrophic lake located in central Florida. Once known for fantastic fishing, the lake had 28 fishing camps located around it. Decades of fertilizer and chemical use in adjoining parcels have contributed excessive nutrient inputs that have devastated the aquatic ecosystem and have transitioned the lake from a […]

Inversion Oxygenation Helps Reduce Organic Sediments and Milfoil

The Challenge Over the years, organic sediments built up in the lower end of Lake St. Catherine (181 acre Little Lake), Wells, VT. Milfoil growth started to dominate the lake and made navigation and water sport enjoyment almost impossible. Chemical applications to kill the milfoil contributed to further accumulations of over 20 feet of organic […]

Revitalizing the Feng-Shan Reservoir

Challenge: The Feng-Shan Water Reservoir is a 70-hectare (173-acre), 28 m (92 ft) maximum depth body of water located near Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A tributary from a river that has hundreds of pig farms upstream feeds the reservoir. The farmers dump their pig manure directly into the river, and the government is presently powerless to do […]

CLEAN-FLO Inversion Oxygenation Reverses Eutrophication – Improves Raw Drinking Water

The Challenge Toa Vaca dam was built in 1972 to create an 836-acre raw drinking water reservoir in Puerto Rico. The maximum depth is about 174 feet. The intake tower for the water treatment plant has 6 intake gates, which are each about 30 feet apart. When built, it had a life expectancy of 300 […]

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