2,412 Dump Trucks of Sediment Reduced

11 Apr

After the Lake Harmony Association received a report indicating their lake was filling in with sediment, they began looking for solutions to their problem. Dredging would have been far too expensive, so the Lake Harmony Association began looking for alternative options. Enter: Clean-Flo International. Below is the story of how Clean-Flo’s custom designed inversion/destratification and […]

Organic Sediment and Muck Reduction in Lake Harmony

11 Apr

Case Study Showing Organic Sediment and Muck Reduction Over 4 Months – Lake Harmony, PA The following case study shows dramatic muck reduction and organic sediment removal from Lake Harmony in Pennsylvania after only 4 months of the CLEAN-FLO system. The Muck Reduction Challenge Lake Harmony is a small lake located in the Pocono Mountains […]

Basis of Design

11 Feb

At the outset we must acknowledge that Messrs. Wolff, Holdren and Ruane have years of experience working closely with Mobley Engineering from their home state of Tennessee, and no doubt understand their technology well, so it is understandable that both the evaluation completed in February 2018 and the modelling completed in August 2018 favors the […]

Don’t Add Chemicals To Your Pond: How To Remove Pond Weeds and Prevent Weed Growth Naturally

10 Feb

Before you dump chemicals into your pond to combat pond weeds, read the following information. There are alternatives to chemical pond weed removal. We advise against using chemicals in ponds, rivers, lakes, and other small bodies of water because they ruin water quality. As pond weeds die and rot, they release chemicals they’ve taken in, […]

Impacts on Stratification, Biological Communities, Natural Habitat, and Recreation

08 Feb

EUTROPHY SOLUTION Our approach to developing the Eutrophy Solution was to look beyond the inanimate sterility of pure engineering and inorganic chemistry to Systems Theory and the life sciences to understand a water body as a biotic system or biome. It is only under this paradigm that it is possible to understand, articulate and influence […]

Watershield Plant Identification and Control- Clean-Flo

08 Feb

Watershield is a floating perennial weed with purple stems and leaf undersurfaces, which are below the water surface are coated with a jelly-like substance. What is Watershield and Why is it a Problem? Watershield is a perennial aquatic weed, known for it’s floating leaves, which is typically found in slow moving bodies of water including […]


08 Feb

Clean-Flo International LLC (CF) has been in business since 1970, starting out focused on aeration and circulation technology to manage dissolved oxygen levels in ponds and lakes. CF is an LLC registered in the State of PA. In the last decade CF has pioneered research, development and investment into the marrying of conventional applied engineering […]

Hydrilla Verticillata Identification and Control- Clean-Flo

07 Feb

Hydrilla is a very invasive submersed freshwater herb. Looking to control Hydrilla? An inversion oxygenation system along with bioaugmentation. What is Hydrilla Verticellata and Why is it a Problem? Hydrilla Verticellatacommonly referred to as Hydrilla is a very invasive submersed freshwater herb. It was originally sold as an aquarium plant. It forms very dense strands […]

Helpe River

06 Feb
Helpe River Restoration

Lake and Reservoir Management, 9(l):98-102. (1994) Extended Abstract of a paper presented at the 13th International Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society, Seattle, WA, Nov. 29 Dec. 4, 1993. Aeration And Pollutant Abatement in the Helpe Mineure River, Fourmies, France. Robert L. Laing and Carlton J. Rausch Fourmies, France is a rural town […]