ICE VENT Winter Aeration System

02 Jan

Winter aeration is extremely important for the health of your lake or pond. The most obvious reason is that it prevents fish kills. Another even more important reason is not obvious at all. Almost every lake bottom runs out of oxygen in the winter. Then there is a massive release of nitrogen and phosphorus (fertilizer) from the lake sediment. This fertilizer usually dwarfs all incoming fertilizer from the watershed. This heavy dose of fertilizer produces excessive algae and weed growth the following spring.

The CLEAN-FLO Inversion / Oxygenation system is designed to operated year round. However due to concerns for safety, CLEAN-FLO developed ICE VENTTM to eliminate open water during winter aeration. This is especially important when dogs and children wander out on the ice. ICE VENTTM allows the water to freeze over each diffuser, but does not stop the effectiveness of the inversion system. The result is that oxygen levels remain consistent throughout the winter and the health of the water body is maintained.

We don’t recommend standing on our ICE VENTTM because weather conditions always change. A serious accident could happen. Also, no one ever knows where underwater springs make safe-looking ice very dangerous. CLEAN-FLO never recommends that anyone go out on ice under any conditions. But it can be comforting to know that when ice is safe, ICE VENTTM will reduce the danger of aeration causing thin ice or open water.

The most important fact that you can ever learn about your lake is that BEAUTIFUL LAKES BEGIN IN WINTER. Beautiful lakes can only begin with a lake that is fully oxygenated all winter long. This can be accomplished by CLEAN-FLO Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion/Oxygenation and ICE VENTTM.