Non-clogging Diffused Air Aeration of Wastewater

02 Jan

We are proud to announce Clean-Flo New Medium Bubbler Diffuser, the ultimate new non-clogging wastewater aeration treatment diffuser. As always, beware of cheap inefficient imitators.

Fine Bubbles vs. Coarse Bubbles Diffusers for Wastewater Treatment

Fine-pore diffusers such as CLEAN-FLO’s Microporous Ceramic Diffuser are the most efficient method of transferring oxygen. Unfortunately, fine bubble diffusers have a tendency to clog in wastewater within a year. So surface aerators and course bubble diffusers are used even though the efficiency is much less.

To solve this dilemma, CLEAN-FLO developed a Medium Bubble Diffuser. The CLEAN-FLO Medium Bubble Diffuser has the same excellent performance as CLEAN-FLO’s famous Microporous Ceramic Diffuser. Oxygen transfer is over 70 kgs dissolved oxygen per day per diffuser at 9 CFM per diffuser in wastewater.

Our Unique Medium Bubble Diffuser

The Medium Bubble Diffuser is completely compatible with all existing aeration systems. It can be placed under existing surface aerators to bring all the water up to the surface aerator to be oxygenated. This will improve the efficiency of the surface aerators by as much as 40 percent, depending on how ineffective the surface aerators are at oxygenating the entire wastewater lagoon, surface to bottom. Some of the surface aerators can then be turned off. This can usually save enough electricity to pay for the CLEAN-FLO equipment within a few months, and save considerable money thereafter.

THE CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSER CAN EASILY REPLACE ANY CLOGGED OR RUPTURED CERAMIC, POLYETHYLENE OR RUBBER DIFFUSERS that are screwed onto bottom header pipes simply by unscrewing the defective diffusers from the pipe and screwing CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSERS in their place.

Header pipes having vertical screw adapters with CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSERS mounted on the pipes can replace perforated pipes. Other systems can be augmented with CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSERS for better oxygen transfer efficiency.

Our Success with Wastewater Aeration Diffusers

BACKGROUND: CLEAN-FLO’s MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSER has many features that make it the best in the industry. The physical size, the BUBBLE size, the number of BUBBLES and the air flow make it the most reliable, most efficient water mover, best oxygen transfer and least clogging wastewater diffuser possible.

In 1972 CLEAN-FLO was the first in-situ lake restoration ever and now includes many lakes all over the world including the Royal Park lakes at Buckingham Palace, and other famous places. We were the first to aerate a bay of the ocean.

This diffuser won the Mayor of Fourmies, France the two highest French environmental awards for restoring L’Helpe Mineuere River. This was the first in-situ river restoration of its kind.

Feng-Shan Reservoir in Taiwan, was the first in-situ reservoir treatment, saving Taiwan $586,000 a year in water treatment costs. This reservoir receives hog waste from hundreds of pig farms upstream and serves as a water supply for a potable water treatment plant. The CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSER has been very successful in oxygenating and removing odor from pig manure and other wastewater lagoons.

The CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSER performance is identical to CLEAN-FLO’s ceramic diffusers. There are two models of CLEAN-FLO MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSERS. One is similar to the famous CLEAN-FLO Microporous Ceramic Diffuser for use in lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs that connects to 5/8 inch I.D. air line in wastewater, and the other is a screw-on type for headers in wastewater.


12-inch diameter diffuser with 5/8-inch I.D. hose connector:
QuantityPrice Per Unit
1 – 24$149.95
25 – 99$139.99
100 or more$119.99
12-inch diameter diffuser with 3/4-inch screw-on connector for headers:
QuantityPrice Per Unit
1- 99$32.99
100 -999$28.99
1000 – 10,000$19.99

CLEAN-FLO’s MEDIUM BUBBLE DIFFUSER has a three-year warranty. If the diffuser clogs within three years, simply send the diffuser back and we replace it free of charge.
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*Patents Pending