Install Your Aeration System for Reservoirs, Lakes and Ponds Now to Improve Water Quality for Next Year

02 Jan

It can take up to 3-6 months to see improvements for controlling blue green algae and duckweed, muck removal, and improving water quality using natural lake processes. Install the CLEAN-FLO aeration system in the fall, winter or early spring to achieve results by mid-summer. For improved reservoirs, lakes and ponds next year, you must begin now. So install the aeration system as soon as possible to improve water quality for best results this year and next year.

If you start next year, the growing season may be over before the reservoir, lake or pond is restored. Waiting will also allow more nutrients to accumulate, more plant growth which will product more muck when it dies, and more oxygen swings which are detrimental to fish and other aquatic life. Control blue green algae and duckweed, start muck removal, improve lake fishing and improve water quality.

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