Is a Lake Aeration System Right for Your Water Body?

31 Dec

What is a Lake Aerator?Effective Pond Aeration Systems for Reducing Pond Weeds- Clean-Flo

A Lake Aerator is an inversion system that provides the natural control of lake weeds and lake algae along with improving water quality. This is accomplished by aerating, circulating and de-stratifying the water column. The number of inversions depends on the water management design. Each CLEAN-FLO Lake Aerator System is specifically designed for the conditions of your lake.

How does a Lake Aerator work to naturally restore water quality?

Watershed management only reduces pollutants in lakes about 5 to 35% according to studies. At CLEAN-FLO we specialize in water pollution control and iron and manganese removal. Our lake aerator system pumps compressed air to diffusers placed on the lake bottom. The non-turbulent inversions aerate the lake from bottom to top. A natural buffered alum compound and beneficial bacteria and enzymes which naturally eat lake muck are added to enhance the system. The CLEAN-FLO Lake Aerator System achieves lake restoration naturally.

What are the benefits of a Lake Aerator?

A Lake Aerator provides many benefits when there is an excessive increase in nutrient inflow that disrupts the ecosystem of the lake. The increase in oxygen supplied by the aerator boosts the amount of fish and other aquatic animal habitats. It also controls weeds and algae, thereby improving water quality. The improved water is then suitable for swimming and boating as well.

Naturally Restore Your Lake With the Help of Clean-Flo

CLEAN-FLO has conducted years of research and has implemented thousands of lake restoration projects. CLEAN-FLO’s Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion System is the most cost-effective and efficient lake aeration system with the added bonus of being natural and environmentally friendly. Let the experts at CLEAN-FLO improve the water quality of your lake.

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