Lake Aeration Systems

19 Jan

In an ideal world, applying effective lake restoration controls within the overall watershed area to control the quality and quantity of run-off would be the best solution. However, even in the best situation, watershed controls are not 100% effective in achieving lake restoration.

Healthy lakes have the natural lake restoration capacity to cleanse themselves. Each lake is an individual ecosystem with a food chain of organisms that assimilate the incoming nutrients. To achieve lake restoration, we must restore the natural processes that allow a lake to assimilate the nutrient load that it receives. The CLEAN-FLO Lake Restoration Process achieves lake restoration by using an accelerating natural processes that exist in lakes to achieve lake restoration – the same process that nature has used to keep lakes healthy for thousands of years.

Our Lake Restoration System

Each CLEAN-FLO lake aeration system is engineered specifically for the lake in which it is to be installed. The CLEAN-FLO “Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation System” restores and maintains aerobic conditions in lakes. Our Lake aeration system employs natural non-turbulent inversion to aerate the lake from bottom to top. The CLEAN-FLO system allows natural lake restoration processes to occur within a lake using oxygen (air) and natural lake restoration bacterial and enzyme products.

At CLEAN-FLO, our approach to lake aeration management is “solving the problem rather than treating the symptoms.” Let us solve your lake problem naturally!


The Installation Process of Our Lake Aeration Diffuser System

1) Lake Aeration Diffuser ready to be installed on a lake bottom

Lake Aeration Diffuser System- Clean-Flo

2) Preparing to install Lake Aeration Diffuser

Installing Aeration Diffuser- Clean-Flo


3) Lake Aeration Diffuser beginning to work

Lake Aeration Diffuser Begin to Work- Clean-Flo

4) Lake Aeration Diffuser at work improving water quality

Clean-Flo Lake Aeration Diffuser Improve Water Quality



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