Harmful Algal Blooms…Dead Zones…Aging Waste Water Infrastructure…Polluted Drinking Water Sources. Water resources are in crisis on a worldwide scale. Conventional technologies have not met the challenge. It’s time for new thinking. It’s time for better technologies. Since 1970, CLEAN-FLO has provided custom design and engineering with breakthrough cutting edge technologies for complete water body restoration.

World Leaders in Clean Water
Aeration Systems

CLEAN-FLO offers leading design and technology for water restoration in 6 of the 7 continents around the world. Our Inversion Oxygenation Technology, Biological Augmentation and Nutrient Sponge products use the power of dissolved oxygen and Nature’s Best Water Cleaners to transform nutrient over-loaded, polluted water bodies into clean, clear resources with thriving ecosystems. Our inversion oxygenation technology increases pond and lake aeration, wastewater aeration and river aeration. The types of applications for our aeration systems is almost limitless since we can design and manufacture based on the particular parameters at any location.

Our core technologies are being deployed worldwide delivering unparalleled results across multiple applications.


We have deployed CLEAN-FLO Technology on more than 40 Lakes across the United States. Their technology goes far beyond aeration and delivers complete restoration. What sets CLEAN-FLO apart is the performance of their technologies in the field and their unending commitment to delivering a customized solution for every project. Our customers are demanding, and they expect results, fast. Many have hired independent scientists to monitor and evaluate CLEAN-FLO’s performance, so it’s proven at many levels. The only proof I need – it works!

– John Tucci, President and Founder, Lake-Savers, LLC